Frequently Asked Questions

Where did the name Nubia Ali come from?

The name Nubia Ali was established as a means by which to display the intersectionality of its owners. Nubia is an ancient region in northeastern Africa. Ali is a common Islamic name, used as a primary or secondary address. We felt the combination of the two names possess a strong, fluid energy.

Why are there no specified men/women’s sizes?

Our fashion aesthetic is loose-fitting, modest and made-for-comfort. We believe our customers will have no problem finding befitting garments, using the standard sizes which are available.

Is it offensive to wear this brand if I am not Muslim?

In short, NO.

While Nubia Ali was created to empower Muslims and participate in filling a void within the fashion industry, it is not our intent to explicitly “OTHER” anyone. We encourage Muslim allies to help empower our community by celebrating our fashion. A common understanding in Islam is that intention is everything.

Is this brand an accurate reflection of Islamic beliefs and Muslims, as a whole?

Nubia Ali strives to present Islam in the best light possible, debunking some of the stereotypes and myths which surround it.  However, we do not expect to represent the individual beliefs of every Muslim.